what is financial freedomwhat is financial freedom

When it comes to managing our money, we often focus on the simple aspect of what it means to save. By taking money from our income, putting it away in a separate account, and leaving it there solely for emergencies, it can feel like we’re doing all we need to do to attain financial freedom.

But is that real financial freedom? Creating a budget and living a lifestyle that allows you to save money should mean more than locking your money away. There’s no action nor is it a plan. In reality, you’re not gaining anything from doing so. It might seem as though it’s the most reliable way of going about it but is it the best way? Will it give you the financial freedom you deserve?

The next time you put money away, think about it for a minute or two. If your finances and your savings are not promoting progress to financial freedom, it’s time to try something different.


Are you and your family secure? This isn’t entirely about protection from physical threats, though that’s always an excellent investment. Do you have the financial freedom, through savings or otherwise, to never suffer and worry?  To deal with difficulties? Going through life without putting significant strain on your finances? Life is an adventure in which we will never know what is going to happen. Financial freedom is about being able to execute plans and strategies that directly solve problems as they arise. It helps us enjoy the freedom to live within appropriate means without the stress of worry. (See Also: 4 Steps for Managing Your Financial Ambitions)

Physical Comfort

If push comes to shove, everyone can live in a room with four walls and a roof. As long as there are food and water, they can surely survive. Surviving, however, is not living! Having the financial freedom to control your physical comfort enables you to buy the items that are worth the money.  When you reach financial freedom, you will be able to afford both your needs and wants. This includes have better choices on clothing, vehicle, and furniture. You can purchase shoes that take longer to wear out and eat nutritional food to maintain a healthy diet. You can own a car that doesn’t need servicing as often.

Free Time

People should not have to spend most of their weekdays and weekends working two, or three jobs, so they can make ends meet. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many people. This and the lack of free time to invest in their passion is crushing many of their dreams. Proper money management and better spending habits will exceedingly help to improve the possibilities of having the free time you deserve. You’ll have time for reading books, enjoying valuable time with family and friends, and traveling to new regions, near and afar.

Peace of Mind

This is the most exceptional gift for achieving financial freedom. When you achieve financial freedom, you don’t waste time and or spend it worrying. You will still take advantage of deals and discounts however no longer should you be chained to them. It eliminates financial stress and adds more confidence that when anything happens, you can take care of it. You will never become overwhelmed nor feel buried by financial obligations such as debt or loans. With this type of peace of mind, you’ll surely be stronger and happier breathing again. (See Also: Getting Started on Your Financial Future)

You Need A Financial Plan

As you’re aware, reaching financial freedom doesn’t happen overnight. You need a plan to achieve it. Let BudgetPolitan help you do it right. You can use BudgetPolitan’s robust platform to map out a financial plan towards achieving your financial goals. You’ll get better control of your money while paying off your debt. You can also learn about any financial trouble before it occurs. So why wait! Sign up for free now.

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