About BudgetPolitan

Why BudgetPolitan?

BudgetPolitan is a financial technology company revolutionizing the way people can master their budget in order to eliminate their debt, increase their financial strength and achieve financial freedom, all in one place. Because we believe in the power of financial freedom, our financial planning platform provides extraordinary features to help you form a clear and concise portrait of your financial wellness while encouraging forward thinking.

We know no two financial paths are the same, therefore, BudgetPolitan is confident we can inspire you in creating and mastering a personal budget which harnesses what we believe every financial decision-making process should embrace:

simplicity, confidence, and intelligence.

BudgetPolitan encourages you to explore the best possible plans and detailed course of actions that will provide you a sense of accomplishment now that we have alleviated the guesswork in eliminating your debt, restructuring your financial goals, and strengthen your economic status. Challenge yourself today and unleash your ultimate power to financial freedom.

Questions & Answers

How much does BudgetPolitan cost?
We're 100% free to use! There's no credit card required.
How does BudgetPolitan help me with my debt?
We help you stop tracking and start eliminating your debt more efficiently. We show you exactly when you can pay off your debt and reach financial goals. You'll also know how much money you can have saved up when everything is paid off.
How do I use BudgetPolitan?
First, you enter your income, then your expenses, your credit cards and loans, and finally add a goal or two. When you check out your Plans page, your budget plans will be waiting - just for you. There, you will find a complete breakdown of plans best suited for your needs and your financial goals.
What if I do not have an income?
That’s OK, too! We don't let that stop you from knowing your path to financial independence! BudgetPolitan is designed to help you know exactly how much income you should be earning to cover your expenses, emergencies and financial goals.
What about alerts? Can you notify me when my bills are due?
Yes, every Friday morning weekly reminders are sent to your email we have on file. A copy will also be saved in your dashboard inbox.
What's BudgetPolitan's North Star?
BudgetPolitan was created with two goals in mind: to motivate people and to inspire change. We want the world to know they can be in charge of their financial destiny and prepare for the unexpected. BudgetPolitan makes it easy to create a budget and plan a path towards reaching their financial goals and achieving financial independence. We're empowering a healthy financial lifestyle - all in one place!