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Too often do we fail to realize that our personal growth has the ability to affect many things in our life. Job prospects, relationships, financial goals, as well as our income and status. We tend to think that we are covering all the bases by following our own ways of doing things. We’ll shrug our shoulders believing to have figured it all out. When it comes to self-awareness and being honest, money management is one such item we’re not being real with.

Most people believe they know how to do it all. There are others who do not want to think about it – at all. Of course, neither being the optimal choices. As a matter of fact, we need to realize that learning to manage our money is as important as personal hygiene.

Money management is a life skill to help you become a well-rounded, intelligent person. An important part of your personal growth is to start treating money as a tool. The sooner you realize this the better your money habits and the clearer your decision making will be. To achieve this, there are two conditions you must work on: accountability and reliability.(See Also: What Does It Take to Achieve Financial Freedom?)


When we were teenagers, or even as little kids, a lot of us bought things with our first paycheck. We wanted more than we needed but it felt good to spend our hard earned money. We weren’t paying rent and didn’t have major bills, so why not? We purchased video games, clothes, car stereos, football cards. Whatever we were not able to get from mom or dad was now ours for the taking. (See Also: Key To Achieving Financial Independence Is You )

So, what happened when we were finally out on our own? What happened when we overspent? When we could not make the rent payment? Did you have to ask our parents for money or subsist on bread and water for a couple of weeks until payday? Hindsight is always 20-20 but now that you know this is avoidable, you can make a better effort at managing money. Create goals and keeping spending under control shows that you’re disciplined. You understand that your responsibilities are exactly that: yours. It’s up to you to stay on top of them. Not only does this keeps you accountable to yourself but also to those around you.


Being reliable is a sought-out trait by many. Romantic partners. Friends. Employers. Coworkers. Everyone wants to work with and be with someone they can count on. Yet, that is not always the case for some people but you can always work on it. You can achieve this by trying to pay important bills on time, reduce debt with less spending, and creating a budget plan. (See Also: Getting Started on Your Financial Future)

A budget plan keeps you reliable. You know exactly where your money is and how to spend it each month. A large part of reliability is knowing you can help yourself by staying honest. When you’re managing your money, financial problems become much easier and less stressful to solve.

Grow Yourself and Your Finances

True independence, financial and personal, starts when you take control of your money. Stop letting it control you. Become the person who knows exactly where their money is, what it’s doing, and where it’s going. (See Also: Financial Freedom, What is it Exactly?)

At BudgetPolitan, you can start using our dynamic, easy-to-follow budget plans to achieve your financial freedom. You’ll be able to check your finances, manage your expenses and connect to credit cards. From the start, learn about any impending financial crisis before it surprises you. Sign-up with BudgetPolitan for free today to begin your journey.

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